About Us

Air Outlook Inc is a partnership of two individuals with a history of work in HVAC, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical fields.

Both of us put pride in the work we do.

Steven Johnston
Lives in Elkton Tennessee

Enjoys hunting, grilling, and family time.

Favorite Saying: Yeah, Yeah!

Jeffrey Ranshaw
Lives in Huntsville Alabama

Enjoys volunteering, technology, playing video games with daughter and hanging out with wife.

Favorite Saying: Really!

Both Jeffrey & Steven worked in the HVAC industry for a combined 25+ years. Together they incorporated Air Outlook, Inc on January 2nd of the year 2018. Being affordable and friendly, without sacrificing quality and comfort, was and will always be the foundation of the company. A friendly and knowledgeable atmosphere with our customers is what has helped the business grow. We are always looking for ways to provide the customer with the best service and technology that will benefit their household as if it was their own property.

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